Creating A Custom Engagement Ring Design

If you are proposing to a very special lady, a standard engagement ring purchased from even the highest quality jewelry store just may not make the cut. You want to have something extraordinary. You want to wow your soon to be fiancé with a custom engagement ring design. You do not want to give her a ring that you simply picked out from a rack of rings. Instead, you want her to know that you put time and effort into creating a custom ring design. However, like most people, you do not know what goes into creating a custom engagement ring design. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Choosing The Material

As a custom engagement ring design, you will be able to choose every aspect of the ring. Most engagement rings come in either white gold or yellow gold. White gold is the most popular today, but there are also other materials to choose from. Some people decide to have their engagement ring and wedding bands made out of titanium, a metal that will never let them down. Others choose platinum, a material even more valuable than gold. If you are on a budget and want to spend more money on the diamond itself than on the material it is set in, you can always think about using sterling silver instead of gold.

Choosing The Accent Stones

Many people spend most of their time on the custom engagement ring design for the diamond. However, if you want to have some accent stones in the ring, those are equally as important. Make sure that the accent stones do not overwhelm the main stone. The main stone is the bride and the accent stones are the bridesmaids: nothing should overshadow the bride! The accent stones in your custom engagement ring design need to compliment and work with the main stone, not dwarf it.

Choosing The Diamond

Finally, choosing the diamond! The diamond is the most important part of the custom engagement ring design. This is the stone that your soon to be fiancé will immediately see. If you want to go very custom, try having a unique cut for the diamond. Instead of a typical princess cut or round cut, get the diamond cut in a heart or an asymmetrical shape. In addition, if you want the design to be unique, try going with a different colored diamond other than clear. You could put a pink diamond or a yellow diamond in the ring for a pop of color. Remember, the more custom your custom engagement ring design becomes, the higher the price tag will ultimately be.