Choosing An Engagement Ring Design

Congratulations! You are ready to propose to that special someone in your life. When she says yes, you will begin your journey together towards marriage and towards the rest of your life together. However, before that begins, you are faced with the decision of choosing an engagement ring design. An engagement ring is something that your future wife will keep with her for as long as you are together. She will wear it every day. Because of this, the engagement ring design needs to be something that fits her personality perfectly.

Different Types Of Diamonds

When thinking about the engagement ring design, you need to consider the various types of diamonds out there. If you are on a budget, you should consider a smaller diamond. There are many different types of diamond qualities, and a slightly flawed diamond is great for your engagement ring design if you are on a budget. In a smaller diamond, most flaws are hardly noticeable at all. However, if you are not on a budget and plan on going for a large diamond, make sure that it is near flawless or that the flaws are unnoticeable. On a larger diamond, any flaw will be literally magnified, and your fiancé will most definitely notice the flaws.

Different Styles For The Ring

There are also many different types of styles for an engagement ring design. You can get the diamond cut in a few different ways. There is the princess cut, a round cut, a square cut, an oval cut, an emerald cut, a radiant cut, a pearl cut, a marquis cut, and even a heart cut. If you are chose to design your own engagement ring, you can have almost any shape for the main stone—but expect to pay top dollar for this custom ring. The cut to the diamond will be one of the most important parts of the ring. You have to somehow find out what type of diamond cut your future wife will like, as many women most certainly do have a preference.

Different Materials

The last part of the engagement ring design will be what type of material you choose to use for the ring itself. Traditionally, engagement rings are made out of either white gold or yellow gold. In recent years white gold has been gaining popularity, but make sure that you have it dipped in a special chemical so that it keeps its color.