An Architectural Echo: Antique Art Deco Engagement Ring

Antique art deco engagements rings take after the architectural design of the period, art deco. Known for its use of geometric shapes and colors, the architecture of the period stood out for its unique flair. In the same way, antique art deco engagement rings show an eclectic style. They emerged from Paris, first introduced at the world’s fair, increasing in popularity through the 1920’s.

Colorful Pieces of Art

Antique art deco engagement rings look like pieces of art. There is rarely a single stone, or solitaire, ring. Normally, there is a central stone that is accented with the surrounding, colored gems, so that the entire piece fits together in one pattern. Part of art deco design is the geometric patterns used, and these are incorporated into the rings. The designers wanted the rings sleek and modern (for the period of time) and produced settings and bands that were intricate and complimented the gems selected for each piece.

The bands and settings were usually of yellow or white gold, although platinum was also a metal of choice, since it is clear and white and off-sets the colored jewels in the rings nicely. Since there are multiple stones used in an antique art deco engagement ring, the bands are normally not at thin as other eras, in order to hold the multiple stones as well as keep the band in place on the finger to best show off its design.

Making a Choice

Antique art deco engagement rings are beautiful, colorful and artistic. They are an excellent choice for a lifetime commitment. However, there are some important things to think about when contemplating art deco rings.

First, since there are multiple stones in the setting, and the stones are colorful, it is wise to think about wearing the band with any outfit on any occasion. If the bride likes to match her jewelry with the outfit, then an art deco ring isn’t always the best choice, since the colors in the rings don’t always match the outfit or occasion.

Another important aspect of the antique art deco engagement ring is that it is difficult to clean. Since the emphasis was placed on the artistic design, sometimes the antique engagement ring mounting doesn’t hold up as well during cleaning. In addition, it is difficult to clean between the multiple stones, being careful not to damage the mounting or settings, so a professional jeweler is often needed to do a thorough cleaning.