Choosing a Custom Engagement Ring Setting

Choosing a custom engagement ring setting is certainly not always the easiest thing, but as long as you learn about the different custom engagement ring setting and antique engagement ring setting options that you have, you will be able to get more educated and feel more comfortable making this process, and most importantly of all ensure that you are going to make all the right choices so that the special lady in your life loves it.


Of all the different custom engagement ring setting options you have, there are three that are especially popular, and these are: prong, bevel and pave. The prong tends to be the setting of choice for most engagement rings, as it works so well with most engagement ring designs.

There are both pros and cons to the prong design, and one of the best things about it is that the hooks are slender and discreet so they are hardly noticeable. As well, with the prong setting the diamond in the ring will look larger and more stunning because the diamond receives an equal amount of light from all directions.

One of the drawbacks to the prong setting is that often times the hooks will get snagged on clothing or other items, and there is also the fact that the prong setting does not overage full coverage as some other setting choices do, such as the bevel setting.


The next custom engagement ring setting that you will want to consider is the bevel setting. This setting choice is not as popular as the prong setting, but offers its own advantages. One of the best things about the bevel setting of choice is that the gemstone used in the ring will be held in very securely.

The bevel settings have metal rims which surround the diamond and keep it securely in place. The rim on these rings extends slightly above the diamond so that as a result the edges are all well protected, meaning no chips on your diamond.


Or for your custom engagement ring setting you may be interested more in the pave setting. The pave setting is basically a cluster of small diamonds that is encrusted along the surface of the ring band, and is perfect for people who love their diamonds. This setting is always gorgeous, but can be hard to work into some ring designs, so be careful with the gemstones you use and other details in the ring if you want to get with the pave setting.