Buying A Cubic Zirconium Engagement Ring

You are ready to get married. The only thing holding you back is purchasing an engagement ring. You love your girlfriend, but you smartly realize that the size of a diamond or the price of a ring is not equal to how much you love her. Many people mistakenly spend thousands of dollars on an engagement ring. When they get married, they are still paying for the ring and the wife ultimately ends up chipping in to pay for her own engagement ring. If you and your girlfriend are financially savvy, you both realize that spending money you do not have on a piece of jewelry is foolish. However, you still want a beautiful ring to propose to your sweetheart with. The solution to your problem is to purchase a princess cut cubic zirconium engagement ring.

What Is Cubic Zirconium

Cubic Zirconium is a man made stone that resembles a diamond. From a distance, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between a cubic zirconium stone and a diamond. When you place a princess cut cubic zirconium engagement ring next to a princess cut diamond engagement ring, the average person will be hard pressed to tell the difference. Obviously a jeweler or an appraiser will be able to tell the difference, but for your girlfriend and others, it will not be so easy.

Different Cuts For The Stone

If you choose to purchase a cubic zirconium ring, you can purchase it cut in any way. If your girlfriend wants a princess cut engagement ring set, it will be very easy to find a princess cut cubic zirconium ring. A princess cut cubic zirconium engagement ring will be thousands cheaper than a diamond princess cut engagement ring, and you will not have to go into massive debt to pay for it. Instead, your fiancé will have a beautiful ring that gets countless complements.

Things To Know When Purchasing Cubic Zirconium

If you decide to purchase a princess cut cubic zirconium engagement ring, know that you should not purchase an excessively large stone. Real diamonds are rarely flawless, and all have their own unique characteristics. This is not true with cubic zirconium. It is nearly flawless and perfect. If you have too large of a stone, anyone will be able to tell that it is a princess cut cubic zirconium engagement ring because it has no unique markings or flaws. If you want to remain discrete about the ring, make it tasteful and elegant.