Ruby Red: Vintage Ruby Engagement Ring

Vintage ruby engagement rings are very unique and beautiful choices in a single engagement ring or in an engagement ring set. These rings are normally fairly difficult to find and so often have to be created in a custom engagement ring design so that it fits the individual’s tastes. Vintage ruby engagement rings can be found or created to match an older style of ring, where the stone is the only one it the ring and the band and setting are simple designs, or it can be in a new style like Art Deco where the band and the settings can be very ornate and pattern-filled.

Pros and Cons

Besides the unique nature of the vintage ruby engagement ring, another good feature of this type of ring is that the ruby does not have to be the deep red of the modern ruby set rings. The reason for this is that in antique engagement rings, the stone was chosen based on its beauty and uniqueness, which meant that rubies that were of a pink color were just as good as those that are a deep dark red color. What mattered to the jeweler and to the individual buying the ring is that it would be hard to match that particular ring because it had such a unique stone in it. This fits an engagement ring since it is a once in a lifetime purchase, and the buyer wants to make sure it is unique and will last a lifetime.

Another advantage to a vintage ruby engagement ring is that it can come in different forms, such as the solitaire and Art Deco. With the solitaire type of a ring, the ruby is the centerpiece, so that is what the individual’s eye is drawn to when viewing the ring. With Art Deco, the ruby may still be the centerpiece of the vintage ruby engagement ring, but there are other, smaller stones set around it so that they accent the ruby in the middle. This creates a variety of options in colors and patterns in vintage ruby engagement rings, especially for those who like a more artistic ring.

The downside to the vintage ruby engagement rings is that they are difficult to find on the market and usually have to be created custom. This often means that they end up being more expensive than other engagement rings, so the buyer must be aware of this consideration beforehand. It is difficult to find a vintage ruby engagement ring that is already created, and finding an antique one is also a rare find on the market, so the purchase of one is usually pricey whichever way the individual chooses to go.