Elegantly Modern: Antique Style Engagement Ring

Antique style engagement rings allow buyers to produce a flawless ring with the technology available today, yet maintain the craftsmanship and elegance of the rings of the antique eras. They also allow buyers to side-step the tedious process of finding the perfect ring from the specific antique era they desire, hoping that turns up at the jewelry shop the buyer happens to frequent. When the ‘luck’ needed to find the perfect antique ring seems to much to bear, having an antique style engagement ring created is the next best option.

Three Main Eras, Many Options

The most recent era is from 1920-1930, which is called the Art Deco era. Re-creating rings from this era is a lot of fun, since it is full of geometric shapes, with sleek lines and a lot of ‘glam.’ Antique style engagement ring artists can also have a lot of fun with the Egyptian, Native American and Asian themes that are also common during this era. Finally, there is the ability to play with platinum, diamonds as well as accenting the entire look with other color-packed gems. Just like the clothing of that era, antique style engagement rings are full of life and fun!

If the look desired is a little more formal, yet still having use of a more modern metals such as platinum, then the Edwardian engagement rings are the ones to re-create. This is the era running from 1900-1920. There were some technological advances during this era that allowed artisans to use platinum for the first time. They were also able to pierce the bands, allowing for more intricate patterns in the bands and settings. This gives a buyer a lot of options in an antique style engagement ring mimicking this era. In addition to the intricacy of the bands and settings, sapphires were also a stone of choice along with diamonds, which also had the ability to be rose cut during this era.

Finally, the oldest era is the Victorian era from 1835-1900. This era really takes an antique style engagement ring buyer back in time, since even the type of gold used isn’t commonly seen in modern engagement rings. Further, diamonds were not the only stones used in this era, as pearls, opals and emeralds were also used, which are softer and not as commonly used in engagement rings today. However, the uniqueness of the stones and metals of this era create a plethora of possibilities in creating an antique style engagement ring. In addition, the rings created in all of these eras also may come in an antique engagement ring set so that the engagement ring and wedding band flow together into one complete artistic work, thus giving the antique style artisan an assortment of choices.