A Complete Package: Antique Engagement Ring Set

Antique engagement ring sets are harder to find than antique engagement rings in isolation. An engagement ring set is one that you buy that includes both the engagement ring as well as the wedding ring. Also, some sets may be soldered together which eliminates their viability for use since it is difficult to separate the pieces again without damage to one piece of the set.

Pros to Buying a Set

When buying an antique engagement ring it is a purchase of a unique product, of which you will not see another like it. One of the more difficult issues for couples who are interested in buying an antique engagement ring is to match the wedding band to the engagement ring so that it makes a complete set. It is difficult to match an antique wedding band to the antique engagement ring.

The easiest solution to this problem is to buy an antique engagement ring set. That way the original jeweler created the set as a whole from the start, from the design stage through the creation process. In the Elizabethan era, rings were created using different types of gold as well as various colors of diamonds, chosen especially for the overall design effect. The stones were matched beforehand so that the set would end up as a complete unit. It is almost impossible to come up with a set that fits together so beautifully when buying them as separate units as buying an antique engagement ring set.

Cons to Buying a Set

The problem with buying a set is that there is a much more limited supply available of antique engagement ring sets verses individual pieces. The main reason behind this is that during estate sales or sales to antique shops and jewelers, the sets are often separated. The reasons for the separation of sets are myriad, the most common of which are either because a party wants to keep a part of the set, or for monetary gain.

Since the supply of antique engagement ring sets is limited, it rules out a vast supply of antique engagement rings that are beautifully crafted and may fit the specific era or style that a couple is looking to buy. For instance, there are so many choices of antique art deco engagement rings which may not come in a set. If a couple is patient enough and has the time to spend looking at individual pieces, it is possible to start with the perfect antique engagement ring and then go on to match it to a complementary antique wedding band, thus completing the set.