Buying An Antique Engagement Ring

If you are getting ready to propose to your sweetheart, you have probably already looked at a few different options for engagement rings. If your special someone is a unique individual, chances are that you are not looking for a run of the mill engagement ring. You want something special and interesting for your special and interesting. You already know that you want a princess cut engagement ring for your princess, but if you want to make it especially extraordinary, you should purchase an antique princess cut engagement ring.

What Makes An Antique Princess Cut Engagement Ring Special

Princess cut engagement rings have only recently climbed the popularity charts. Because of this, an antique princess cut engagement ring will not necessarily be easy to find. You will readily find antique round cut engagement rings or oval cut engagement rings, but not necessarily the antique square princess cut engagement ring that you are looking for. Because it will be so difficult to find, you know that this particular ring will be the most unique and one of a kind ring that you could possibly find for your special someone.

The best place to find an antique engagement ring is, obviously, in an antique store. However, there are better antique stores than others to look in. Because you are looking for an authentic engagement ring, you will want to look in higher end stores. Cheap antique stores most likely will not have a real diamond engagement ring. However, if you do find an engagement ring in a cheap store, it might be real, so do not immediately discount it.

Checking Authenticity On Your Antique Princess Cut Engagement Ring

It will be necessary for you to check the authenticity of your antique princess cut engagement ring once you find it, especially if you find it in a cheaper antique store. It is not difficult to get your ring authenticated. All you have to do is bring it to a jeweler and pay a nominal fee to have it appraised. Whenever you purchase from an antique store, if you are spending a large amount of money you should make sure that there is some type of return policy in place. Without it, you could unintentionally purchase a princess cut cubic zirconium engagement ring that is worth next to nothing instead of the antique princess cut genuine diamond engagement ring that you are looking for. So before you finalize your purchase, make sure that the ring is legit.