The Elegant Antique Engagement Ring

When shopping for an antique engagement ring, there are certain things of which a buyer needs to be aware in order to get an authentically antique ring. In order to be considered ‘antique,’ a ring needs to be over fifty years old. Anything under fifty years is considered ‘vintage’ and can vary in age from forty-nine years old to only one!

The best places to look for authentic antique engagement rings are jewelers and specialists in the field, even though you can also find great pieces online, as well as at pawn shops and estate sales. The difficulty for a new buyer is the time and knowledge required in order to recognize an authentically antique ring. Again, vintage rings are often great imitations of a period piece, but if an authentic antique engagement ring is what is desired, then jewelry shops that specialize in antiques are the best option.

Loving the flaws

If a buyer has some knowledge of antique engagement rings, there are still some important things to keep in mind. One difference between modern engagement rings and antique rings is the type and quality of the stones in the ring. Antique ring makers did not follow the same standards of clarity and color in the diamonds chosen for the rings. They would often choose diamonds that were of a specific color, such as yellow, green or rose colored in order to achieve the look they desired.

In addition to color, maker of antique engagement rings didn’t have the same tools that jewelers of today have at their disposal. Therefore, the cuts made in the diamonds might not be smooth and flawless like they are today. Diamonds were also not necessarily the stone of choice during certain eras when pearls, emeralds or opals might be used. It is important to keep these qualities of antique rings in mind while looking at the stones in antique engagement rings because there might be flaws or cracks due to the era of creation, rather than misuse.

Although antique engagement rings may have minor flaws in the stones, the setting and artistry of these older rings are usually beautiful. Unlike antique style engagement rings, where a jeweler has attempted to mimic a ring from an older era, an antique ring has a craftsmanship that is hard to achieve today without considerable expense. Antique engagement rings give you an opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind ring for a one-of-a-kind day. The important thing is for the buyer to look carefully at the stones, the craftsmanship and the quality when buying an antique engagement ring.