Finding The Ideal Cut Diamond For Your Special Someone

If you are looking for a diamond ring for your sweetheart, you might be trying to figure out what type of diamond is just right for her. There are countless different cuts for diamonds including round cuts, marquis cuts, emerald cuts, and cushion cuts. Some cuts are popular while other cuts are traditional. What should you purchase for your special someone? What is the ideal cut diamond for her? You are not just buying a diamond stud; this is an important decision that you should not take lightly!

Her Style And Ideal Cut Diamond

The easiest way to know what the ideal cut diamond for the diamond ring is, is to look at your special someone’s personal style. One good giveaway is what type of clothing she prefers to wear. Does she follow the trends to a tee or does she make her own style? Is she more at home in consignment or second hand stores or will she only shop at trendy department stores? If your special someone prefers to march to the beat of her own drum, the ideal cut diamond for her is going to be something that is not run of the mill. Instead, she probably wants something that you might be able to find in an antique store or at an estate sale. Even though the ring might not be as expensive as some of the other rings on the market, she will appreciate it for its true and unique value.

However, if your special someone does not frequent antique stores, the ideal cut diamond will probably be something that comes in a brand new jewelry box from a trendy jewelry store. But remember, even if the ideal cut diamond ring is something trendy, you can still save money by buying on clearance and not purchasing the diamond around popular proposal holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

The Ideal Cut Diamond

The diamond cut will vary greatly by ring. You can find square cut princess cut diamonds or circle cut diamonds. There are even heart shaped diamonds and star shaped diamonds if you look hard enough. For someone who appreciates uniqueness, the ideal diamond cut will be something different from the rest of the pack. Some women like butterfly cut diamonds or special heart shaped colored diamonds. If your special someone is more traditional and even perhaps trendy, then the ideal cut diamond will be something like a princess cut or a round cut.

Remember, to find the ideal diamond cut for your special someone you might just need to ask her!