Different Materials For Your Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Congratulations! You are about to propose to the love of your life. You want your girlfriend (and hopefully future wife!), to have the best engagement ring possible. You have already decided to go with the modern and elegant princess cut engagement ring. Perhaps you have decided on a princess cut solitaire engagement ring or a princess cut engagement ring with accent stones. Either way, now is the time to decide on a material for your princess cut engagement ring.

Gold Material For Your Ring

The most popular rings are yellow gold or white gold princess cut engagement rings. Yellow gold is a classic color that many people love. However, even more popular than a yellow gold princess cut engagement ring is a white gold princess cut engagement ring. A white gold princess cut engagement ring is modern and elegant, all at once. This white gold princess cut engagement ring is perfect because the white gold accents any colored diamond beautifully. If the ring has any other colored diamond than the traditional diamond, you will most definitely want to use white gold for your princess cut diamond engagement ring. Yellow gold will clash with a pink, blue, or any other colored diamond.

Other Materials For Your Ring

There are other materials you can use for your princess cut engagement ring. A popular material for engagement rings is platinum. It, too, offsets a princess cut diamond very nicely. However, be prepared to pay a hefty price for a platinum ring. A second uncommon material is titanium. This is very industrial looking and, to many people, does not go well with an elegant and sophisticated princess cut diamond engagement ring. A third material that you can use is sterling silver. This material, however, is not pricey and not very elegant. The only real reason to use sterling silver in an engagement room is if you really need to stick to a low budget.

Make It What She Wants

Most women have a preference as to what type of material they prefer for jewelry. If you do not know exactly what your girlfriend likes, take a look at the jewelry she wears. Is it mostly silver colored or yellow colored? If she does not wear jewelry, than you can always ask her what her favorite material for jewelry is. If you want to be discreet, walk past a jewelry store and say something is pretty. That is sure to start a conversation and you will learn what type of material she likes the best!