Choosing A Diamond Engagement Ring Design

If you are planning on proposing to the love of your life, chances are you are nervous and possibly even scared. Even if you and your girlfriend have talked about marriage and you know that she is going to say yes, the doubt is probably there. You will be more vulnerable than you have ever been in your entire life, and your entire future hinges upon this one answer to one question. One way to take your mind off of this is to focus on choosing the perfect diamond engagement ring design for your future wife.

What Are Your Options For The Diamond?

You have many different options when choosing a diamond engagement ring design for the love of your life. First, you will have to choose the type of diamond you will have in the ring. For your diamond engagement ring design you could have a real diamond or a fake diamond. If your budget is limited and your girlfriend knows this, think about purchasing a cubic zirconium diamond now and upgrading when you have money later. However, only do this if she knows your circumstances. Putting a fake diamond in an engagement ring without the knowledge of the recipient is a recipe for disaster.

Second, you will have to choose the cut for your diamond engagement ring design. Most people only see princess cut, round cut, or oval cut diamonds on diamond engagement ring designs. However, there are many other less popular designs out there. There is the pearl diamond, which usually works better in a necklace than a ring. There are also the radiant cut diamond which is like a square with flattened corners, an emerald shaped diamond, which is a rectangle with flattened corners, and an asscher cut diamond which is almost a circle. Different diamond cuts reflect light differently, so talk to the jeweler about your diamond engagement ring design if you want it to specifically sparkle magnificently.

Third, for your diamond engagement ring design you will have to choose the color of the diamond. Most traditional diamonds are clear or white. However, there are also pink diamonds, yellow diamonds, red diamonds, and even black diamonds. Colored diamonds are perfect if your girlfriend is a unique individual who loves having unique things like jewelry. A custom engagement ring design can get pricey, so only choose a colored diamond or other custom and unique diamond engagement ring designs if money is no option!