Why You Should Design Your Own Engagement Ring

If you are preparing to propose to the love of your life, you are probably stressed beyond belief. Will she say yes? Well, you certainly hope so. You have some sort of belief that she will if you are at this stage in the game, so hopefully you are confident. One way to eliminate some stress is to design your own engagement ring. This way, you know that the ring will be perfect for your (hopefully) future spouse. This is the ring that she will be wearing every day for the rest of her life. Designing your own engagement ring is one way to ensure that she will love it and that it will be uniquely personalized to her.

Your Input

When you design your own engagement ring instead of purchasing a wholesale ring or even a ring from an exclusive designer, your input will create a beautiful ring. You will be able to choose every aspect of that ring, from the diamond to the color of the diamond to the material that the ring is made from. While you can possibly find a ring that is beautiful and seems perfect, when you design it yourself you know that every single aspect is what your soon to be fiancé would want in her engagement ring.

Where You Can Do It

Many high end jewelry stores allow for you to design your own engagement ring. They will have a special system set in place that allows you to pick and choose each aspect of the ring. In fact, some stores have a design your own engagement ring online site that allows you to digitally create the perfect ring and then actually have it created in reality. If you choose to do this, you can fool around with as many designs as you want to before making a decision.

Another Take To This

Another take to designing your own engagement ring is allowing your soon to be fiancé to actually design her own ring. Instead of traditionally proposing, you could take her to the jewelry store, propose, and let her design her own ring then and there. That way, she will be able to choose exactly what she wants in a ring. This is great if you want her to have the perfect ring, but do not want to have to suspiciously pry information from her about what her favorite diamond cut is, what type of material she likes, etc.