Unique Engagement Ring Design Ideas

Congratulations! You have decided to pop the question to your sweetheart. Your special someone is a unique woman who does not follow the crowd. She is a trendsetter and loves to be unique. So why should you purchase her a traditional engagement ring? Instead, here are some unique engagement ring design ideas to think about before purchasing an engagement ring for your unique and special girlfriend.

Go Antique

One way that women are unique today is by shopping vintage. Women love vintage stores. There are one of a kind pieces that no one else has. When she purchases a shirt at a vintage store, a woman can usually be assured that no one else is going to be wearing the same shirt. If your girlfriend loves vintage, try looking for an antique ring for her. This will make for a very unique engagement ring design. Engagement ring designs change drastically from one generation to the next, so if you can find something from several generations ago, it will be very unique for your girlfriend. Chances are, if she loves vintage and antique items, she will go wild over an antique or vintage engagement ring!

Look For Out Of The Ordinary

If you choose to look at a jewelry store, do not feel that you will be unable to find a unique engagement ring design. In today’s world, people do not want to be cookie cutters. Because of this, few jewelry stores carry more than a few pieces that are exactly the same. They actually encourage uniqueness and individuality. Look around the jewelry store and look for some unique engagement ring designs.

There are a few things that will make the diamond engagement ring design stand out as unique. First, the color of the diamond will tell whether or not it is a unique engagement ring design. Traditional engagement rings are clear or white diamonds. If your girlfriend loves color, try getting her a pink, yellow, red, or even black diamond. Second, the shape of the diamond will set it apart from the norm. In years past, circle diamonds or oval diamonds were immensely popular. The princess cut diamond has been gaining in popularity over the years, but an extremely unique engagement ring design would have something like an asymmetric shape or a heart diamond. Keep in mind that the odder the diamond shape, the more costly the ring will be.

However, when you decide to purchase a unique engagement ring design for your future wife, know that this will be the ring she will wear for the rest of her life. Even if it is expensive, it might be worth it in the long run!