Choosing an Engagement Ring Setting

One of the most difficult steps that will be involved in choosing an engagement ring will be deciding on the engagement ring setting that you should go with. There are quite a few different engagement ring setting options that you have to choose from, and with a bit of thought and serious consideration, you will be able to choose just the right one for the special lady in your life.

Different Types

Obviously if you need to decide on an engagement ring setting, the first thing you will need to do is make yourself aware of the different options that you have here. There is the prong engagement ring setting for one, which is by far the most popular choice and for a couple of reasons.

This is also often called the claw setting, and one of the most major reasons it is so popular is because it holds the diamond or other gem in, and so you will not have to worry about it falling out and getting lost as much as you do with other ring settings.

However there are also certain drawbacks to the prong setting choice, such as the fact that the girdle area of the gemstone is not covered, and so as a result the prongs offer less protection for the diamond than other settings, and also the prongs have a tendency to snag on clothing and other items that they touch.

Another engagement ring setting choice that is quite popular is the antique engagement ring setting. This is a much more traditional setting, one that goes best with the also traditional round diamond cut.

Or perhaps you would prefer the bezel setting for your engagement ring, and this involves a metal rim that encircles the sides of the stone and extends slightly above it. A bezel setting holds a diamond very securely, and there are very few cases where the diamond or other gemstone has been able to slip out.

This ring setting would be an ideal choice for people who are very active and on the go, because there is less chance of the gemstone falling out.

Make sure that you put a great deal of thought into the decision of which ring setting to choose. This is an engagement ring which your girlfriend will be wearing for the rest of her life, and so you want to choose a ring setting that is going to suit her lifestyle and also of course please her.