Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting: Prong or Bezel?

Choosing a solitaire engagement ring setting is going to be much more difficult than choosing a vintage engagement ring setting. With a solitaire engagement ring, this means that there is only one gemstone used in the ring, and so of course you are going to want to make sure that it stands out as much as possible, and this means taking the time to choose the right ring setting.

There are a few different engagement ring settings that you can choose from, but for a solitaire engagement ring setting in particular, you will want to choose from are prong and bezel. Here is some more detailed information on each, so you can properly choose which is going to work best in your case.


The prong setting is the most popular for most engagement rings, and is definitely one solitaire engagement ring setting that you are going to want to consider. It is important to realize that not all prong settings are like, and for instance there can be a different number of prongs, smaller or larger sized prongs, different colored prongs, and so on.

A prong setting can be tall, and perch well above the height of the diamond, or it can be shorter and sit closer to the finger. Generally the taller the height of the prong setting is, the larger the diamond or gemstone will appear.


The other main solitaire engagement ring setting that you are really going to want to debate about is the bezel setting.

Bezel ring settings are a great way to display a beautiful diamond or other gemstone, and one ring setting choice that you are definitely going to want to consider for the engagement ring you are getting for your girlfriend. How the bezel settings work to hold the gem in place is that the metal of the ring setting circles the girdle of the stone, and there is actually a metal band that completely surrounds the edge of the diamond.

Some bezel settings may only be a partial setting that does not surround the gemstone on all sides.

Either of these solitaire engagement ring setting choices would be ideal, it is just important that you choose the one you know your girlfriend would enjoy most. After all, this is her engagement ring and she is going to be wearing it for the rest of her life so of course you want her to love it.