Vintage Engagement Ring Setting: Making the Best Choice

Whether you are working with a custom engagement ring setting that you are trying to figure out or a vintage engagement ring setting, the most important thing is that you end up making the right choices, so that your girlfriend loves it and will be sure to say yes when you ask her for her hand in marriage.

Setting Choices

The first step, when you are trying to figure out which vintage engagement ring setting to go with, is to learn about the different setting choices that you have to pick from. The prong is one of the most popular vintage engagement ring setting choices, and one of the first that you will definitely want to consider yourself.

The prong is classic, and works with almost any type of gemstone. There are actually different types of prong setting to choose from, and the most major decision here will be you deciding whether you want the prong setting to be taller or shorter. Basically the taller the prong setting is, the larger and better the gemstone will look, especially if it is a diamond.

The prong is a great choice for vintage engagement ring setting, and one of the biggest advantages of the prong setting is that the prongs are tiny and so more of the diamond is visible, and also that stones set in prongs are usually easier to clean.

However there are certain downfalls to the prong setting as well, including that the prongs have a tendency to snag clothing and other items they touch, so you need to be careful here.

The romance of an elegant cathedral setting is always nice, and the lower ring band used in this ring setting encircles the finger, while the upper portion of the band arches up to embrace the central mounting and focal diamond or gemstone. The degree of arch used in these designs can vary widely, from being a subtle split with only a low arch to a wider separation with more elaborate curves reaching for the diamond.

There is also the cathedral vintage engagement ring setting which you are going to want to consider. This ring setting choice is much less commonly talked about, but a very worthwhile vintage engagement ring setting choice.

Just make sure that you put a lot of thought into this decision, because this is the engagement ring that you are giving to your girlfriend, your future wife, and so you want it to be perfect.