Types Of Diamond Cuts For Engagement Rings

If you are planning on proposing to your special someone soon, chances are you are looking at what different types of diamond cuts are available for the engagement ring. There are many different types of diamond cuts, but here we will discuss the most popular diamond cuts for engagement rings. The princess cut diamond engagement ring, oval cut diamond engagement ring, and circle cut diamond engagement rings are the most popular.

The Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A princess cut diamond engagement ring is by far the most popular and modern diamond cut for engagement rings today. You can get your princess cut diamond engagement ring as a platinum, yellow gold, or white gold princess cut diamond engagement ring. A princess cut diamond engagement ring is a diamond that is cut in the shape of a square. This particular type of cut is very elegant and classic looking, and many women dream about having a princess cut engagement ring. The princess cut engagement ring represents a modern aspect of engagement rings. If your girlfriend loves modern pieces of jewelry and is one who keeps up with the trends, this is probably the cut that she wants for her engagement ring.

The Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Another popular type of diamond cut for engagement rings is an oval cut diamond engagement ring. An oval cut is great for designs with a wide width band, or for a very large diamond. The oval cut diamond engagement ring gives a lot of sparkle, so if your girlfriend loves sparkly jewelry, this may be the perfect cut for her!

The Circle Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A third popular type of cut for a diamond engagement ring is a circle cut diamond. These diamonds are very classic and have been the most popular cut for a diamond engagement ring for many years. These are not necessarily modern diamonds, but if your girlfriend likes classic jewelry, this is most definitely the way to go.

Unique Diamond Cuts

If none of these diamond cuts are appealing to you or your girlfriend, you could always go the unique custom route. If you are willing to pay a hefty price tag, you can have the diamond cut into whatever shape you desire. Some popular custom shapes are hearts and asymmetrical diamond cuts. The asymmetrical cuts usually create a one of a kind diamond that your girlfriend will treasure for years to come!