Going For The Vintage Emerald Engagement Ring

While to some people it may be a little strange to see an engagement ring with anything other then a diamond, many people are starting to fall in love with the idea of a vintage emerald engagement ring. The vintage engagement ring set is a lovely idea because it allows you to find a ring for the woman you intend to marry that is not like every other ring out there. There are so many women that have the same exact basic solitaire plain band engagement ring that everyone else has. If you want to give your future wife something a little more special then you will want to go with a vintage ring.

If she is not normally a fan of the diamond and does love the look of the emerald, then the vintage emerald engagement ring is a perfect choice for her. The thing is though, you are going to have to look really hard for the right vintage emerald engagement ring because they are not as easy to find as other types of rings with diamonds and such. But you having to search high and low for the perfect vintage emerald engagement ring makes it all that much more special.

Where To Look For The Right Ring

The first place that you want to look at is a small jewelry store that is known for selling high quality vintage jewelry. In these types of stores you may just luck out and find the right vintage emerald engagement ring that you have been looking for. Of course, just because you do not find it right now does not mean that it will not be there later. Simply keep checking back or leave your name, number, and the information on the type of ring that you are looking for and see if they can call you if a vintage emerald engagement ring ever comes in.

Also, it is not a bad idea to check out estate sales that has jewelry available because you just never know what goodies you will find. Along with a lot of nice treasures you may pick up there, you may also luck out and come across a vintage emerald engagement ring. Of course you want to be careful to look the ring over closely to make sure that the stone is still in good shape and not falling out of the setting. It would be a good idea to be selective with the jewelry you purchase at an estate sale but it is certainly worth going to.