A Stunning Choice: Vintage Emerald Engagement Ring

When choosing an engagement ring, whether the couple goes together or the groom goes by himself to choose a design, the decision must be one that is certain of approval for not just that period of time, but also for the rest of the bride’s life. There are antique styles of engagement rings that are great choices, providing many different options for individuals to choose from. However, often the settings or the stones are not as solid as they once were, so that the stones have become loose or cracked over time. Finding an antique ring in good condition and in the particular style that is desired can take a lot of time and money. In addition, it is often difficult to match the wedding band to the engagement ring with antiques unless they come in a set.

Styles of Rings

In order to get just the right look, there are vintage engagement rings that mimic the different eras of antique rings. Since in some eras diamonds were not the only stone that was preferred, there are also vintage emerald engagement rings or vintage ruby engagement rings that can be found in the market today which are both beautiful and unique choices in engagement rings. Vintage emerald engagement rings offer choices in different eras of rings. In older time periods, diamonds were not always the gem of choice for engagement rings and emeralds, rubies, and even pearls were used as the stone in the ring. Often these vintage emerald engagement rings had very simple bands and settings so that the stone was truly the centerpiece of the ring. In addition, it was acceptable for these rings to have flaws in the stones since the jeweler would then cut the stone so that the flaw became a unique part of the jewelry, like a painting.

In later years, during the Art Deco era, vintage emerald engagement rings could be found with the emerald as the center stone in the ring, with other stones in a pattern around it, forming a design. In these rings also, the band could be part of the pattern, so that there was a center piece with the emerald on it surrounded by a small square set in diamonds, surrounded by a larger square that is set in small emeralds. These vintage emerald engagement rings are usually not for women who are more active in their lifestyles since they are usually larger rings with more edges to them which can get caught on material or other things, damaging the ring or the other material.