Antique Engagement Ring Designs Add A Special Touch

You want your engagement to go perfectly and you want it to be different and unique. You don’t want your wife to be to show off her ring and have it look like every other ring on all the other engaged women’s fingers. You want a vintage engagement ring, a ring that evokes a time when marriage really meant something and when vows were upheld no matter what. That’s how marriage is supposed to be and you can add that special touch, and that unique look, by having your ring specially designed using antique engagement ring designs as a model. First, you’ll have to find a jeweler who will be able to mold your ring into that special antique engagement ring design. Then, you’ll have to figure out how you want it to look. Then, all you’ll have to do is propose.


You should be able to find a jeweler who is able to create your perfect ring. You may have to go through several jewelers before you find one who is able to mold your ring into the antique engagement ring design you’re looking for. Jewelers usually work within networks so by going to one you should be able to follow a trail to the person you’re looking for. Be aware that when you have a ring specially designed, you are going to pay much more for it than if you were to buy a ring that you found in the display case. It’s worth it though when you finally get the antique engagement ring design you’re looking for because you know it will be one of a kind and that adds a great touch to your engagement and wedding.

The Design

Once you find your jeweler, you then have to decide which antique engagement ring design you want. One great idea is to base your antique engagement ring design off of your grandmother’s or great grandmother’s. Or, you could look through old photo albums or look up pictures on the internet of old wedding ring designs and kind of base your ring design off of those. If you want your ring to be unique, you can take several designs and incorporate them into one. Make sure, though, that if you have a jeweler specially make your ring and you find the antique engagement ring design you’re looking for, ask the jeweler to destroy the mold so that you’ll know your wife will be the only one carrying that ring on her finger.