Buying An Antique Style Engagement Ring

If you are looking for a very special engagement ring to give to your very special someone, look no further than an antique style engagement ring. While most people will run off to a fancy and expensive jewelry store to purchase the biggest and the best ring for their special someone, if you know that your significant other will appreciate something unique, interesting, and possibly even one of a kind, you should look into getting an antique style engagement ring instead.

Why Antique?

There are many reasons why you should buy your engagement ring antique. First, the older it gets the less the chance of a similar ring existing becomes. If you pop the question with an antique style engagement ring, your significant other will have awe written all over her face. A woman wants to have a unique ring that none of her other friends have. If you purchase an engagement ring from a mass marketing jeweler, your significant other might feel like her ring is just another ring. However, if you purchase an antique style engagement ring, she will feel like you really went out of the way to get her something that is unique. Second, an antique engagement ring is a great choice because it comes with some history. Many people are intrigued by the history and the story that a piece of jewelry comes with. If you can, you should try to trace down where the ring came from, who wore it, and what it was used for. Your significant other will be wowed by the long line of history that comes with her ring. If you purchase an engagement ring from a mass marketed producer, chances are the ring will have no history at all.

Important Information

If you choose to purchase an antique style engagement ring, it is important to remember some crucial things. First, check the antique engagement ring mounting before you purchase it. If the mount is lose or crooked, you will need to invest time and money in getting it fixed or else you will likely lose the stones that are in it. Second, you will need to authenticate your ring if that is important to you and your significant other. What could look like a beautiful antique diamond engagement ring might actually be a knock off cubic zirconium engagement ring that is worth little to nothing. Make sure that you talk to someone about authenticating the ring before you spend a large amount of money on it.