Consider Giving A Trendy Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Fancy pink diamonds are quite rare and most of them are mined in Australia. Because they are not as readily available as the clear variety, pink diamonds tend to cost more. Pink diamond engagement rings have been very popular ever since renowned actor Ben Affleck presented on that cost over one million dollars to celebrity diva Jennifer Lopez. Consequently it is easy to buy a pink diamond engagement ring with an inexpensive synthetically manufactured gem. However, if you really want to impress the woman you love it is best to look for a pink diamond engagement ring with a natural and genuine stone, even if that means it costs more and you have to purchase it from a specialist jeweler.

The Right Type Of Woman

In truth not every woman is going to appreciate receiving a fancy pink diamond engagement ring. It’s not a suitable ring for a woman who is quiet, low key and conventional. Nor is it the type of engagement ring that a tom boy would favor. The trendy pink diamond engagement ring is the right choice for a woman who is stylish, extroverted, highly feminine, young, sociable and gregarious. The way she looks is very important to her and she is always the life and soul of any party. If you suspect that the woman you intend to propose to is not the type of individual to appreciate a pink diamond engagement ring, it would probably be better to choose something for her that is more minimalist and traditional instead.

How To Buy A Good One

Fancy colored diamonds, like their conventional counterparts, are valued by cut, clarity, carat weight and color. However, a fancy colored diamond is valued by the intensity of the color rather than the lack of it. If you intend to purchase a pink diamond engagement ring you should look for one with an intense color that has the best cut, clarity and carat weight you can afford. The design, setting and stone shape are also important considerations. Round, marquise and princess cut diamond engagement rings are the most popular choices. Furthermore, if you would like the setting of the ring to match the beauty of the diamond then it is a good idea to choose platinum or white gold.

The Price

Pink diamond engagement rings vary in price and although they are more expensive than those that contain conventional diamonds, they don’t have to cost anything close to one million dollars. If you use an online shopping search engine to price them you’ll find that the majority of pink diamond engagement rings cost somewhere between four and twenty thousand dollars. Nevertheless, if money is an issue it is actually possible to find a genuine one for just over one thousand dollars.