Creating the Perfect Ring: Vintage Engagement Ring Design

Vintage engagement ring design gives couples unique options in that special ring. There are many eras to choose from when creating these rings, from very simplistic and classic solitaire looks to artsy and fun Art Deco designs. When creating a specific look, it is a great idea to check out all the antique engagement rings that they can find because there are so many special designs that have been made over the years that they can take parts of different designs and put them into their own vintage engagement ring design.


There are times that creating a vintage engagement ring design can be more expensive than purchasing an antique engagement ring. The reason for this is that the stones today are chosen for their clarity and quality rather than for their uniqueness as in the past. This makes modern rings that are patterned after vintage looks more expensive than their antique counterparts much of the time. There are also some antique reproductions that can be found for less expensive as well, but these do not give the individuals the luxury of choosing the perfect vintage engagement ring design that they have in their minds.

Vintage engagement ring design does not have to use diamonds in the rings. In fact, earlier eras chose different stones in their rings in many cases besides the diamonds. This gives individuals the option to create vintage emerald engagement rings or ruby or even pearl engagement rings, since rings of the past used all of these stones to make them special. In addition, vintage engagement ring design does not have to have the perfectly clear stone, for in the past, jewelers would often cut the stones around the flaw in it so that the flaw became part of the piece of art. The stones also were not necessarily clear either, with some diamonds having a yellow or pink color to them, or rubies not being perfectly red, but more of a pink color.

Vintage engagement ring design can also play with the style of bands that are used, not only with the types of metals, but also the shape of the band so that the top of it forms some sort of pattern. This is particularly common when creating an Art Deco design for a vintage engagement ring, since this period prided itself in rings that were pieces of art, with all sorts of patterns and stones used in the engagement rings.