Finding a Vintage Engagement Ring

Vintage engagement rings are those that mimic the antique styles of engagement rings but usually cost much less than buying an actual antique ring. Vintage style engagement rings are sometimes popular because they tend to have a more unique look to them, since they are from an earlier era which tended to use different cuts of stones, different types of stones, and also different types of metals for the band and settings of the ring.


Vintage engagement rings tend to use different cuts of stones, especially in diamonds. In addition, taking after antique engagement rings, the uniqueness of the stone rather than the clarity of the stone might be valued more. In antique styles of engagement rings, there were often diamonds that had a unique flaw to them which was then accented by the cut of the diamond to make the flaw the centerpiece. In addition, diamonds with a color to them, such as a yellow or a rose color would be treasured also for its uniqueness. The cuts of the diamonds in vintage engagement rings will also often mimic the older styles, as these cuts will often not have as much ‘sparkle’ as the typical cuts today, which costs less on the market.

Another difference in vintage engagement rings is that there are different types of stones that are used other than diamonds. During some eras, finding a unique pearl, ruby or sapphire was not unusual as the centerpiece stone of an antique engagement ring. Moving into the art deco era, the rings became even more artistic, often with a center stone which was accented by a variety of different colored stones around it. Some of the problems with choosing a vintage engagement ring that is of a different stone than a diamond is that they do not wear as well over time as a diamond does since the stones are of softer material and can get scratched or cracked with constant wear.

The vintage engagement ring bands also have more of a choice in metals than the traditional modern engagement rings today. Yellow gold was often a metal of choice in the past as well as a pink gold at times. Silver was often overlaid over the gold before platinum came on the scene with advanced technology. White gold was another option that was often chosen for its unique character, and was also used in conjunction with other types of metals for a more unique flair to the ring.