Give Her A Unique Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are getting ready to make a marriage proposal and you would like to give something that differs from the norm, you might prefer to give a blue or pink diamond engagement ring rather than one that contains a clear jewel. Colored diamonds are very rare and consequently they tend to cost more than clear diamonds, which are more readily available. In fact some engagement rings that contain a colored diamonds can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, though it is possible to buy one for a lot less. Colored diamonds have been in vogue for the past few years now. Consequently there are certainly women out there who would be overjoyed to receive a blue diamond engagement ring or one of another color such as pink or green.

Deciding If She Would Like It

A blue diamond engagement ring is suitable for any unorthodox, fashionable woman who is keen on the color and also dares to be a little different and stand out from the crowd. After all, a blue diamond engagement ring is bound to attract attention and inspire other people to ask questions, give compliments and make comments. However, a blue diamond engagement ring is not suitable for everybody. If your future fiancé is quite a conservative and traditional person, it might not be such a good idea to present her with a ring that has a blue diamond. Before making such a purchase you should definitely use your judgment and consider your girlfriend’s character and values.

Making The Right Purchase

When purchasing a blue diamond engagement ring, you should take the the cut, clarity and carat weight of the jewel into account before coming to any decision. A blue diamond with fewer inclusions has a better clarity and will therefore be more expensive. Well cut blue diamonds with a higher carat weight are also considered more valuable. The setting of a blue diamond engagement ring will also have an impact on the overall price. Obviously a setting of platinum or gold will cost more than one that is made out of titanium.

If you look around on the web and in fine jewelry stores for discounts and special offers then you will probably be able to find a reasonably attractive blue diamond engagement ring for around one thousand dollars. If you have five or six thousand dollars or more to spend you can purchase an engagement ring with a blue diamond that looks as though it should belong on the finger of an A-list celebrity or a princess. Make sure you take your time and compare prices so that you can get the best possible value for money.