Giving An Engagement Ring Is A Momentous Occasion

When a man asks the woman he loves to marry him, hopefully it is a once in a lifetime event that will only ever happen once. In fact the engagement ring is perhaps the most significant item of jewelry a man can give to a woman. The only item of jewelry that is equally is important is the wedding ring. The engagement ring is also the item of jewelry most valued to a woman because each time she glances at it she’ll think back to one of her most romantic memories; the time when her husband proposed.

Making A Choice

Some men actually ask their girlfriends to pick out their own engagement ring believing that she is the best judge of what she wants. While this may be true, asking your girlfriend to pick her own engagement ring takes away some of the romance. When a man chooses a fabulous ring for the woman he loves and gets it right it shows her that he knows who she is and what her personal preferences are. Therefore it is better for the man to choose the engagement ring, even if that means added anxiety and pressure.

So how does a man go about choosing an engagement ring given there are several thousand different designs available on the market? In truth picking just one ring is no easy task given the massive variety. There are engagement rings with manifold different settings, gemstones and jewel shapes and in order to pick just one you need to have an in depth knowledge of the woman you wish to marry.

To make the right choice you need to ask yourself a number of questions. Does your partner like contemporary fashions or does she have a preference for vintage classics? Is she a traditional and conservative person or is she unconventional and quirky? Would she prefer a diamond engagement ring or do you think she might like a different gemstone such as a ruby, sapphire or emerald? What kind of precious metals does she favor? Is the majority of jewelry she wears silver, platinum or gold? Does she favor jewelry with a delicate setting or are her chains and earrings large and obvious? When you know the answers to these questions finding a suitable engagement ring becomes somewhat easier.

Consider Her Physical Proportions

Is your girlfriend a petite, medium framed or large woman? How big are your partner’s hands? Are her fingers short and thick, long and tapered or somewhere in between? Rings with a larger setting and a big gemstone are better suited to larger women, and vice versa. Take the time to look for an engagement ring that reflects your girlfriend’s personal taste and suits her body type.

Forget The Price Tag

The cost of an engagement ring is far less important than finding something that suits the woman you love. Decent women do not even think about the cost of their engagement ring and would never dream of asking you what you paid for it. If you want to impress the woman you intend to marry then purchase the best quality of engagement ring that you can afford but above all take your time until you find one that is so perfect for her it almost has her name written on it. Trust your instincts and you are sure to find the perfect engagement ring.