If You Want Sparkle Choose A Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

When getting ready to make a marriage proposal most men choose a traditional diamond engagement ring with a round stone since this shape offers the guarantee of fire and brilliance. They do not realize that it is possible to buy a more unique diamond engagement ring that offers just as much shine and sparkle than one with a round cut. If you want to ask your girlfriend for her hand in marriage and you would like something unique that still has plenty or fire, you should choose a princess cut diamond engagement ring.

Designed For Fire

The first princess diamond was cut in the early 1960s. The princess diamond generally has seventy-six facets and it was designed to get as much fire and brilliance from a square cut stone as possible. The extra faceting and clean lines that are typical of a princess cut diamond ensure that it will sparkle just as much as a round stone, if not more so. The princess cut diamond engagement ring is therefore a highly attractive and popular choice. However, the princess cut diamond engagement ring is less traditional and more expensive than rings that have a conventional round jewel.

How To Choose One

If you wish to purchase a princess cut diamond engagement ring you can by one either online or at retailers that specialize in the sale of fine jewelry. When making such a purchase the cut, color and carat weight of the stone are chief concerns. The clarity of a princess cut diamond is less significant than those of other shapes because the extra faceting hides any inclusions.

When shopping for a princess cut diamond engagement ring online or at your local mall, you should also pay close attention to the setting. The corners of a princess cut diamond are not rounded off, and this makes them fragile and prone to chipping. Therefore the metal setting should always cover and protect the corners of a princess cut diamond. You should also make sure the setting and band of the ring are made out of the precious metal your girlfriend likes best and wears most often.

Princess cut diamond engagement rings can have stones that vary in shape in terms of how square or rectangular they are. This is worth thinking about when you are choosing a ring, since you should look for a diamond that will suit the size and shape of your future fiancé’s hand.

When you are searching for the right princess cut diamond engagement ring you also need to think about whether or not you wish to buy a solitaire or a product that has accent stones such as small rubies, sapphires or emeralds. This obviously depends on your partner’s taste and your budget. Flamboyant women who like ornate jewelry would probably prefer a princess cut diamond engagement ring with accent stones, while more simple souls are more likely to favor the solitaire.