Making a Style Choice: Vintage Engagement Ring Settings

There are some brides and grooms who want to design their own engagement rings so that a symbolic touch or a unique ring can be created for that special day. Some couples will opt for a vintage engagement ring design since it mimics the antique rings of past eras but usually does not cost quite as much as finding an actual antique on the market. In addition, these vintage engagement ring settings can use the latest technology and make sure that the stones do not become loose and fall out, as may happen with an antique ring when worn all the time. There are many different choices in vintage engagement ring settings and in the rings themselves since there are different eras to choose from, each with their own metals and gems of choice, as well as styles of rings.

Metals and Gems

Art Deco vintage engagement ring settings are probably the most complex of all the older styles of engagement rings due to the many stones and different metals that are typically used in designing these rings. Art Deco engagement rings are typically not for women who have very active lifestyles or who like to match their rings to every outfit that they put on since there are so many stones on the ring, as well as sharp edges that can get caught on things, as well as colors that may not match every outfit. However, Art Deco styles of vintage engagement ring settings are very artistic, so women who have a stylishly artistic flair to them will often love this style of engagement ring.

Some of these vintage engagement ring settings will have a larger center stone that is surrounded by smaller stones so that a design is formed in the ring, such as a flower or sun pattern. Other times there is not a center stone at all, but all stones of approximately the same size which are arranged in the band in a particular pattern, with the band often shaped and twisted to fit the pattern as well. Sometimes the colors of the stones are very subdued, such as using all diamonds in a symmetrically patterned band, so that the diamonds go almost completely around it. Other vintage engagement ring settings will use multicolored stones, so that there are diamonds, rubies, yellow diamonds, and emeralds all in the same engagement ring. There are some vintage engagement ring settings which are made so that they come in a set, so that the wedding band matches and fits into the pattern, often soldered together with the engagement ring after the wedding ceremony is over.