Should You Buy A New or Antique Engagement Ring Set?

You’ve met the love of your life and you want to keep her forever by proposing marriage. Till death do you part, for better or for worse, you promise to be there for her. The time has come to buy an engagement ring set. Some couples choose the ring sets together and then the man proposes with the engagement ring as if it was a surprise. You can do that. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some couples do that so that the woman won’t be disappointed when she gets the ring, she’ll know what she’s getting after all, and there won’t be any discussion of wanting to exchange the ring after the man has already gotten down on one knee. However, if you’re more traditional and you want to surprise your wife to be with a ring she’ll love, why not choose an antique engagement ring set? An antique engagement ring set evokes a time and an age of time gone by where tradition meant everything and where the institution of marriage was extremely important and sacred. What better way to recreate those times and feelings than with an antique engagement ring set for the love of your life?

Antique Doesn’t Have To Mean Used

There are some who discard the idea of an antique engagement ring set outright because it brings thoughts that someone else wore it. It’s used and that’s no good for the most important day of one’s life. However, antique doesn’t have to mean used. Some antique engagement ring sets are recreations of times gone by. Take antique art deco engagement rings. These are artistic rings that have been recreated to look like actual rings used by people years and years ago. That’s definitely an idea you can use. But so what if the antique engagement ring sets were used? They were worn by people who loved each other very, very much and that should reinforce the idea of getting such rings because it symbolizes love to the ultimate degree.

Buying Ring Sets

To find antique engagement ring sets, you could try an antique dealer or you may have better luck online. Be wary of buying any type of jewelry online, however, because you cannot tell quality very well from a picture and a few words typed on the screen. It would be much better if you could actually see the ring sets in person so that you know what you’re paying for. An antique dealer would be a better idea. Or, if you’re going to have the antique rings recreated and made, a jeweler would also work.

Now all you have to do is prepare your proposal. Just don’t put the rings in anything edible as that never turns out well.