Some Women Prefer Unique Diamond Engagement Rings

The most common type of engagement ring has a round solitaire diamond and a band and setting made out of gold or platinum. The size, cut, color and clarity of the diamond depend on the budget of the man who is buying the ring. If you are a man looking for an engagement ring perhaps you should consider buying the woman you would like to marry a more unique diamond engagement ring that is less traditional.

Not For Every Woman

In order to decide whether you should purchase a unique diamond engagement ring you should consider the person you want to marry. Think about her character, personal preferences and values. A unique diamond engagement ring belongs on the finger of a bold and daring woman who likes to stand out from the crowd and be a little different. She is the sort of individual who has her own exclusive sense of style and does not mind discussing the unusual choices she makes.

On the other hand, not every woman likes to attract the attention of other people. Some women are rather quiet, introspective and unassuming and they would rather blend in with everybody else. Furthermore, some women favor traditions and like to stick to what is expected. Such an individual loathes anything too showy or ostentatious and might not be pleased to receive a unique diamond engagement ring.

Choose A Different Stone Shape

If you decide that the woman you wish to marry would appreciate a unique diamond engagement ring there are a few ways that you can go about purchasing something that differs from the norm. For example, you could look for an engagement ring that has a diamond of a different cut. Some alternatives to the standard round jewel are oval, marquise, princess radiant and emerald cut diamond engagement rings. When deciding on a diamond shape, consider the size and shape of your partner’s hand.

Pick A Fancy Colored Diamond

If you would like to purchase a unique diamond engagement ring you could go for something that has a jewel of a different color. You can actually purchase engagement rings that have fancy pink, blue or green diamonds. Fancy colored diamonds are commercially rare and therefore tend to cost a little more. They are an excellent choice for a woman who loves fashion and beauty since they have become very trendy in recent years.

Go With An Unusual Design

Another way to purchase a unique diamond engagement ring is to look for an unusual design. Instead of buying a ring with a solitaire diamond you could look for something that also has accent stones of ruby, emerald, sapphire or amethyst. It might be a good idea to look around for a diamond engagement ring that is accented with her birth stone. Furthermore, if you are looking for a unique diamond engagement ring there is no rule that says it must have a band and setting that are made out of platinum or gold. In recent years titanium has become a more popular choice because it makes a cool and contemporary alternative to the precious metals that are traditionally used to make jewelry.